By combining our unique patent-pending furniture designs with time-honored wood joinery techniques, our products represent the very best outdoor furniture, available now exclusively from the Sconset Chair Company.

Artisan woodworkers create the highest quality outdoor furniture from the finest teak wood available that is selectively sourced from sustainable forests.
Made right here in the United States, skilled craftsmen build on the long tradition of fine American wood-workers and cabinetmakers, who fabricated quality furniture that was often passed down for

All of our chairs are manufactured 

by one of the premier U.S. manufacturers of high quality outdoor teak furniture. For more than 20 years they have been crafting superior quality outdoor teak furniture, using time-honored traditions of craftsmanship, such as teak-doweled mortise and tenon joinery, combined with cutting edge technology.

Serenity with amenities    awaits!

Sitting in your Sconset Chair you place your glass of wine into the glass holder as you reach for the bottle on the shelf behind you for a refill. A few favorite books are resting easily on the shelf next to the bottle, waiting to be picked up and read; something you have been waiting for for a long time, as reading for pleasure has become a rarity in your life.

You lean back and contemplate life; life in general and life how it should be. You notice that the chair and your surroundings have a magical effect on you and you realize that for the first time in a long time you are relaxed. Your arms rest on the long arm rests of your Sconset Chair and your relaxed back shows none of the typical signs of sitting in an office chair.

You wonder, how can it be that this chair has such a relaxing effect, deciding that you should spend more time in it, letting your thoughts wander, resting your eyes on the horizon, feeling a deep calm coming over you. Your eyes ask for a few minutes of rest and before you know it, complete relaxation has taken hold.


Knut Fenner  has been an inventor and product designer for much of his life.

With a degree in Industrial Design and a passion for natural materials, he converted his garage into a part-time wood-shop, where his first Adirondack chairs came to life.    

Constantly refining his ideas as well as testing many other chairs he saw over the years, the idea and design for the patent-pending Sconset Chair developed.

After completion of the manufacturing process each chair receives an individual number and the solid brass Sconset Chair Company logo is embedded into the backrest.
This signifies our commitment to the highest quality and our high-end manufacturing processes.


Manufacturers of uniquely designed solid teak adirondack chairs





Sconset Chair Company, Llc Adirondack Chairs


Wanting to share the results of his passion with a wider audience,  he decided to found the Sconset Chair Company.  

All chairs manufactured by us are made to order in the United States. They are shipped directly to your door and arrive fully assembled. All you have to do is place them in your favorite spot by the sea, pool or in your yard ... and enjoy Serenity with Amenities!

For more information or to receive a quote please call us toll-free at 1-800-254-5156