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serenity with amenities    awaits


name and called it a Thin Place. If there has ever been a Thin Place anywhere for me, it is Sconset. I founded the Sconset Chair Company to share this feeling of magical places with others.

I hope you enjoy your Sconset Chair Company products and allow them to take you away to a Thin Place of your own.

A friend in Sconset once told me about an ancient Celtic proverb. The old Celts believed that it is a magical place where heaven and earth are so close, they almost touch. They gave this magical  place a

thin places

There is no hustle and bustle in Sconset, there are no hotels, very few restaurants and only one general store. The preferred method of travel is by foot, bike or via an old station wagon. The people are as laid back and relaxed as any you will ever find. The dress code is generally shorts and flip flops; colors are bright and often seen is the famous Nantucket Red.

Whether you are in Sconset, Nantucket or any other island, whether you are at the beach or in your favorite spot in your own backyard, the one thing you are seeking and finding there is serenity, allowing you to get away from it all and relax.  Our Adirondack chairs are designed to help you get there and stay there; they are all about relaxation.

Siasconset, or Sconset for short, is a small village on the far side of the island of Nantucket, which itself is a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. Sconset is about 7 miles from the town of Nantucket and easily accessible by car or by bicycle. However despite its close proximity to Nantucket town it might as well be a world away.