"The chairs are great products. I was at my shore house yesterday and found a wonderful spot for them in my backyard area“.

Mike M., Philadelphia, PA

"No more toppled wineglasses because you didn’t know where to put your glass. 
No more going back to the house to refill a glass, I have the wine bottle now on the shelf behind the chair. A well-designed product! Everything is securely integrated into these beautiful chairs. We love every minute in them“.

Tom F., Nantucket, MA

"My wife and I saw the Sconset Chairs at The Nantucket Hotel this summer and were excited about the design and the craftsmanship. We enjoyed several evenings of wine and cheese in them and had to have a pair for our home in DC. Sitting in them now takes us back to a great summer vacation in Nantucket“.

Phil K., Washington, DC

Manufacturers of uniquely designed solid teak adirondack chairs



"What a great idea with the cut-out for a wine glass and shelf on the back. Genius!“

 Karen D., Naples, FL

"I bought these chairs last year. They are a perfect fit for my converted barn home. But the most important thing about them: no matter what your day was like, take a glass of wine and some cheese and sit down in these pieces of heaven and it's like you are in the most wonderful and comfortable place on the planet."

 Regina E., Exton, PA

"The product design is just fantastic!“

 Kathleen D., Charleston, SC

"I can't wait to kick back in my Sconset Chair at the end of the day. It is the most versatile and comfortable Adirondack chair I have ever seen!"

 Karen F., Lloyd Harbor, NY

"We love our Sconset chairs!  The quality of the craftsmanship is unmatched. The cut-out for the wine glass and resting tray make this the ideal chair of choice for Wine Country living!“

 Rocco Califano, Mulvane Wine Company, Napa Valley, CA